Friday, November 4, 2011

the bittersweet between my teeth

can't help myself but count the flaws
claw my way out through these walls
one temporary escape
feel it start to permeate
we lie beneath the stars at night
out hands gripping each other tight
you keep my secrets hope to die
promises, swear them to the sky
the bittersweet between my teeth
trying to find the in between
Young Blood- Naked and Famous

I feel really good. Back to being myself again. If I have learned anything over the past few months, it is that I need an outlet where I can be my true self. Pretending to be something I am not, always having my guard up, is exhausting. When I try and do it for too long without release will make me explode. Hard lesson learned. I am not quite ready to talk about the past few months, but I know I should get it out. Soon.

Eating is going well. :) Still can't avoid dinners. Story of my life. But I will eat dinner if it means having Bear.

I need to get off my ass and work out. So tired from working and being busy. I need to stop complaining and just do it. I am going to join a gym this weekend because I can't use the treadmill here anymore. My dad broke it... on purpose... long story for another day.

Stay skinny lovelies,