Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3 pounds

So after the drama of this past weekend and the decision to fast yesterday, I woke up this morning feeling so happy and re-energized! I practically jumped onto the scale and... down 3 pounds! I can't believe it after all the crazy good days mixed with bad since Saturday. Maybe it shook up my metabolism. Whatever it is, I am so happy. I couldn't have started the fast off better. My plan today is to go shopping like I planned and try on some new years dresses. That will definitely make me not want to eat! haha

I don't want to blabber on again about how much I love other people's blogs again, but I have to say that those blogs have really been getting me through. I just love reading about these strong and amazing and super funny women. I can sit and just read through entry posts for hours! haha I have mentioned stuff from other blogs before. I read in another blog (a wonderful blog called "And she said: Te quiero") about a challenge called "30 letters in 30 days." With the challenge, you write a letter to someone you care about each day for a month. You can send them or not, the point is to write them. It reminded me of my freshman year in college. During orientation we saw a speaker; I wish I could remember her name. She was wonderful. She spoke about staying true to who you are and all kinds of things. What I remember most about her speech though was her point about writing letters. She told us about how much letters can mean to people and shared that she used to write letters to her grandfather and never realized how much they meant to him and to her until he passed away. She encouraged each of us to write a letter to someone that week and to see where it took us. I wrote to my grandmother. I quickly received a response in the form of a long letter that was just so funny and thought out that I never would have expected from her. To make a long story short, we kept exchanging letters all through undergrad on and off. I also wrote to others: my sisters, parents, bf, friends from home, and even friends from college that I saw every day. It was so therapeutic for me and I know that almost all of the people I sent letters too really appreciated them. For the past two years in graduate school I got away from letter writing. Ana had pretty much been the center of my world while I was in grad school and the letters stopped for the most part. Now I am home and I haven't written anything until I started this blog. I think the 30 letters in 30 days will be a really good exercise for me. I am not sure I will have them time over the holidays though so maybe I will do it once the new year starts. I am thinking about buying some Christmas cards when I am out and writing personal notes inside each one to kind of get me started. I wonder if my grandma will think it is strange if I start writing her letters again even though we get to see each other every week now. :)

The rest of my day:
get dressed
sports authority for return
ac moore to check out fabric
bed bath and beyond for sister's christmas gift
bank for deposits
acme for lemons, cucumber, veggie broth
home to get changed for work
work 4-8
bear's 8-10
home for crunches and catching up on dvr backlog

I live an exciting life...
It is funny though because even that list of boring activities can't get me down today; I <3>
Here's to not seeing the low,
Stay strong Stay strong Stay strong,

P.S. It has been so fucking cold out and my car has no heat. I wish it would snow! I wouldn't mind being so cold all the time if I could play in some snow. :)

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