Friday, January 14, 2011

2 pounds :)

I have been having an awesome week. I have managed to only eat dinner all week. It has been hard to avoid that meal because there is always someone around, particularly Bear. The worst night was when I went to Bear's house from work and his mom fed me dinner. She gave me so much food and I ate it all. There is something about being raised Italian that when someone puts a plate of homemade food in front of you, you eat it. No questions asked. Anything less is an insult. Both Bear's mom and my mom are the kind of Italian women who ask you if you are hungry the minute you walk through the door ask you if you are hungry. No matter what your response is, they respond with "ok, I'll make you something." Regardless of that huge Italian meal, I am down 2 pounds this morning. :) I feel pretty good about it. As good as my week was, I know the weekend is always my downfall. Too many people around at meal times. I am back into running big time though, so I will have to put in some extra time on the treadmill.

Yesterday I didn't eat anything all day and then had to go work a short 6-8 shift at work. I felt like I was drunk. haha I haven't had that hungry, light, drunk feeling in a while and it was so awesome. I flew through my session on a cloud. The only downfall to working one-on-one with people is that they can hear your stomach growl. I just make a joke out of it. I don't have to work today and my dad said he will make me lunch. He normally makes an omelet with veggies, so that isn't too bad.

I just made plans to meet up with 3 of my senior week girlfriends from college this month! We are going to meet up in NYC on the 28th. I am super excited. These girls are the best and I don't get to see them that often. A (my engaged bff) is of course going and then my other 2 good friends, Troy* and Becks*. My senior year of college everyone went on senior week to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Basically the entire senior class goes and rents mansions in the same few streets in Hilton Head the week before graduation and drink, party, and lay on the beach. Our house was 13 of my best friends from college. It was the best week! Whenever I talk about any of the girls from that house, they are normally referred to as my senior week girls. :) We try to get together as often as we can, but everyone's lives are so busy.

our house is second from the left :)

Troy and Becks are best friends from high school and both live on long island and work in the city. It is really fun to get together the 4 of us because it is like 2 sets of best friends getting together to form this awesome foursome. haha That sounds so weird, maybe I am still drunk from last night! I am going to drive up to A's house in central jersey and we will take the train into the city together. We are going to have dinner at a place called Nick and Stef's because it will be restaurant week in NYC. Obviously it is a little anxiety producing to be eating at a awesome restaurant, but I will do it because I love these girls so much. I am excited because this gives me a new weight loss goal! I would love to loss enough weight by then to be noticeable by them. I am off to a good start I think :) All of them know about my ED, but I never know how they are going to treat it. Sometimes they are really supportive and other times they are super annoying and try to get too involved. The only times they got over-involved were when I was really thin though so I should be ok this time.

I told my older sister that I was going to be going up to NYC and she offered to have me stay over there. I am not sure what I am going to do about that. Our relationship is so up and down. Right now we are ok, but I could show up there that day and she could be a total bitch to me, and A would probably be with me if I stayed over. A is well aware of my sister and my rocky relationship but I am not sure I want to put myself in a awkward position. I guess my plan is to play it by ear and see what happens.

Changing the subject, my fake resolutions are going well! I have been eating awesomely well, working out, and I paid a bunch of bills on time this week! Paying the bills made me temporarily depressed because it made it really clear how broke I am, but then I realized that I paid on time which made me very happy! Maybe a person is cabable of change! haha Ignore me, I clearly am on an upswing in the mood curve.

This weekend plans:
Home for lunch with dad
Baking with little sis
Dinner and movie with Bear (still not sure on specifics)

Work 9-3
Dinner with fam
Down to AC with friends :)

Church and fam dinner
Baking Bear's mom a birthday cake

Off for MLK day
Out to lunch for Bear's mom's bday

I am sure there is more but that is all I know so far. Weekends are hard on food and blogging so let's hope this good mood has staying power :)

Stay strong and skinny!

*Obviously, my friends and family's names are changed. I change them to a first initial or nickname or a variation of their first or last name. I know that pretty much no one reads this blog and especially no anyone I know, but I just feel weird putting there names out there.

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  1. Hi Nicole! I'm Lorna as you know! Thanks for your post and for reading my blog- I will "follow" you after I write this comment.
    Well done on your 2lb loss- I can't wait to weigh myself at the end of this week, although I am not going to expect any miracles obviously but some loss would be nice!
    Your senior week thing sounds amazing by the way!
    Anyway- I look forward to hearing more from you!

    Love Lorna x x x