Tuesday, January 25, 2011

followers :)

I just wanted to start this post by saying how excited and happy I am to have followers! I honestly wasn't expecting anyone to ever take the time to read my ramblings. I get so much strength from the blogs I read and I hope I serve some sort of purpose for the people that choose to read mine. :) I have no idea if the people who are "following" me actually read, but when I log in and see that I have a new follower, it is like receiving a gift! haha This probably sounds silly, but it is very true. It has only been a short amount of time since I started this blog and started reading others, but it has been an amazing decision. So sum up this babble: thank you followers :) [P.S. In case anyone is reading this: If pictures of food are a trigger for you, you might want to stop reading. There is a picture of a cupcake later in this post! xoxo]

So my fast last week went surprisingly well. Actually, I probably should not call it a fast because I did have to eat. Wednesday night, I had a work staff meeting that I forgot about. We have catered dinners at these meetings and I felt really weird not getting anything so I had a small plate of ziti. I am doing really well at work. My boss loves me; I think it is because she is such a dork and I humor her silly stories. That sounds bad, but I feel like most people blow her off. She is one of those people that just likes to hear themselves talk. I need the money and the hours so I don't mind listening to her. Thursday I did great and only had some soup because I was feeling faint. Friday also went really well. I worked all day and didn't eat. Friday night I went to a play with Bear and his parents. There is this little quaint theater in a town near mine that has traveling theater companies put on shows every so often. Bear's parents have always had season tickets and this year they bought tickets for Bear and I as well. Friday was our first show. The play was called Crazy for You and had all Gershwin music. It was really cute. It was even cuter to see Bear suffering through it because he knows I like stuff like that. :) He bought me popcorn at intermission without me asking for it because he knows I love movie theater style popcorn. You know the kind that is super salty and buttery? I shared most of it with his mom but that was all I had that day. I think from now on I should never tell anyone what I like to eat. It is really weird to say no to something when the person giving it to you knows you love it!

Saturday was an awesome/terrible day. I worked during the day and Bear had a work meeting in Delaware. Bear's meeting went really well and he landed a super big client! I was so happy and proud of him. He is still starting off in his business so every time he gets a client it is so exciting. Then after his meeting he got a call from his realtor. [Backstory: After Bear graduated with his M.B.A. in 2009, he got a really good job working for the Navy in Washington D.C. He thought he was going to stay with the job for a three year rotation and then see if he could transfer back to the Philadelphia area. He bought a really cute condo in Arlington, VA. We painted it and fixed it up and it was great. To make a long story short, he hated the job and got an offer from Morgan Stanley and ended up leaving the government and moving home after six months. Two of his fraternity brothers have been living in the condo paying rent and the condo has been on the market ever since.] Someone finally put an offer in on the condo! We thought it would never sell! The offer was shitty, but Bear countered and the guy accepted. So as long as everything goes as planned, he will be rid of the condo by the end of February! It was such a happy and exciting day for him. He called and told my parents (my dad works for the same company as Bear) and they decided to take him out to dinner to celebrate. We went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. It was really fun, but I ate so much food. I was so uncomfortable after that I felt like I was going to throw up. I felt like I ruined the progress I had made over the last few days but after weighing myself the next morning I had stayed the same.

Sunday is always a hard day because of Big Italian Dinner that we have every week after church. I managed to avoid most of it, but I had to eat what was served (raviolis). Yesterday I was able to work out finally. I have been so busy and tired all the time that I haven't gotten on the treadmill. I ran for 30 min yesterday though and it felt great. Last night I went out to eat with Bear and a couple that are potential clients for him. I ordered pretty healthy and didn't eat most of it.

This morning I am down a pound from last week. Not the progress I wanted, but I will take it. I am really happy that I have gotten into the routine of not eating anything but dinner. I have not figured out yet how to avoid dinner entirely, but at least if I don't eat anything else all day, it isn't as bad. The fact that I live with my parents and see Bear every night, both of which love food and eating (again, we are Italian), makes skipping dinner really hard. Tonight my dad has a business dinner and Bear is working late so my mom wants to go out to dinner with me. I am definitely going to run again tonight. Maybe I will try to run for an hour to balance out another dinner at a restaurant.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Even though I have someone I love in my life, I still am not a huge fan of the holiday. I feel like it is forced romance. Bear and I pretty much do our own thing. He gets me flowers and does nice things for me on random days. We get gifts for each other all throughout the year. If you need a holiday to do something nice for each other, your relationship has problems. That being said, we normally go out to eat or something for the day. I bake something for him and he gets me flowers. The thing that sets Bear's flowers apart from every other guy, is that he hates pre-made flower arrangements. He will go buy several bouquets, unassemble them, and make his own arrangement! haha It is so silly and sweet. I am not going to say that they look professional or amazing, but the thought he puts into it, makes it work it every year. I am looking into some new cupcake ideas. I know it is sick, but I LOVE baking. It is one of my favorite things to do. I love baking for people and the happiness it brings them. The weird part is that I give everything I make away, so I am not tempted to eat it. I found a cute recipe for multi-colored cupcakes that I think I am going to use and then decorate them cute. I just bought adorable valentine cupcake wrappers. The plan is to make a double batch and give some to Bear, some to his parents, and some to mine. Maybe I will even bring some in to work. :)

Bear's Flowers Valentine's Day 2010 :) the cupcakes I am going to try to make <3

Stay Strong and Skinny

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