Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Biggest Loser

SGD Day 2 Intake, 2/1/11:
coffee with skim milk- 10 cal
vegetable soup- 60 cal
strawberry crumb bar- 144 cal
ground turkey meat- 100 cal
lettuce- free
cheese- 100 cal
sour cream- 25 cal
tomato and onion- free
milk- 30 cal
coffee- 10 cal
1.5 strawberry crumb bars- 190 cal
Total: 669 cal

Exercise: running- burned 375 cal

Total for Day Two: 294 :)

Watching the Biggest Loser tonight was super inspiring. I can't help myself, I cry like a huge baby every single episode. I feel so disgusted by how fat all those people are and then I feel so horrible for feeling that way. It totally makes me feel shitty for my half-assed workouts too. I am definitely going to try and visualize Jillian Michaels when I work out tomorrow. Maybe if someone was shouting at me while I ran on the treadmill I wouldn't get so bored with it. :)

Stay Stong and Skinny lovelies :)

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