Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Skinny Girl Diet

So yesterday was Day One! I did well. :)

Intake Day 1, January 31:
Coffee with Skim Milk- 10 cal
Whole Wheat Waffle- 50 cal
Baby Carrots- free!
String Cheese- 50 cal
Rotiserie Chicken- 100 cal
Sandwich Thin- 100 cal
Spinach and Tomatoes- free!
Whole Grain Rice- 70 cal
Coffee with Skim Milk- 10 cal
Total: 390 cal

10 cal under today's goal of 400! I didn't work out yesterday because I was feeling weak. I am getting my period soon and feel gross. I have been thinking about it and there really is no reason for me to ever go over my calorie goals on this diet. I know that tonight Bear is coming for dinner and my mom is cooking so I ran for a half hour to compensate. I really need to go out and buy more fruits and vegetables though. All we have in the house are carrots and apples and oranges.

Anyway I am feeling really good about this plan! I am reading so many awesome blogs about girls starting it too. :) I am thinking about posting my stats to track my progress. I have always been too embarrassed to post it. I feel guilty when I don't lose and I am not sure about posting it every day. Maybe I will take other girls' lead and post it like once a week. I am not sure yet.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how to count vegetable soup on this diet?

Stay Strong and Skinny,
Nicole :)


  1. Did you find out how to count vegetable soup? As I'm having the same trouble now lol

  2. On foods like that, I try to figure out how much of the soup is made up of veggies (I have some that's 90% purred veggies so I only count 30% total calories to be safe) If I'm not sure, I usually just mark it as half the calories to be safe. :)