Friday, February 4, 2011

Emma Watson Thinspo

I love Emma Watson for a lot of reasons. She is thin, pretty, smart, has great style and I am a sucker for accents. She could be a jerk in real life but she seems like a nice person in interviews. If I am being honest, the biggest reason I like her is that she is Hermione. haha. I have to say, I absolutely love Harry Potter. I am definitely a bigger fan of the books than the movies, but I love it all. I am dying to go to Harry Potter World. :) Bear makes fun of me so much for it, but I don't care. I love Hogwarts and I am not ashamed to admit it. Enjoy the thinspo!

Ok so I clearly went way more overboard with my thinspo for her than I do normally. I guess it is my nerd love showing its face. :)

Stay Strong and Skinny,

P.S. Down another pound. :) Feeling more optimistic about the weekend now than I was last night. I am going to run run run my butt off.

P.P.S. I couldn't resist two more pics. These are just for my Harry Potter love, not for thinspo. ;)

Who else is super looking forward to the last movie and at the same time dreading it because it means it Harry Potter is over?


  1. dude. no one loves harry potter more than me. i love love love love love this post. also emma watson. love her. secretly want to go to brown to be her friend.

  2. i am! i looove harry potter. i dress up for every movie too..thank you for your lovely comment. i love your blog as well! keep up the good work ;)