Monday, February 7, 2011

Superbowl Shame

SGD Day 7 Intake, 2/6/11:
coffee with skim milk- 10 cal
fiber english muffin- 120 cal
egg- 100 cal
cheese- 100 cal
3 pierogies- 180 cal
4 chicken wings- 300 cal?
stuffed shell- 250 cal?
roast pork- 100 cal?
cake ball- 100 cal?
cheesecake bite- 100 cal?
coffee with skim milk- 10 cal
Total: 1370
no exercise
worst day ever

SGD Day 8 Intake, 2/7/11:
coffee with skim milk- 10 cal
apple- free!
orange- free!
string cheese- 50 cal
banana- free!
skim milk- 25 cal
strawberry crumb bar- 100 cal
coffee with skim milk- 10 cal
Total: 205
No exercise
Under today's goal of 400 by 195

Quick recap of the past 2 days...

Superbowl Sunday was terrible. I was with my parents, Bear, AND Bear's parents. It was awful. I was forced to eat so much. I went to the bathroom to purge. I started crying because I felt so sick and yet didn't want to purge. Bear came and knocked on the door to make sure I was ok. I know that he could tell I was freaking out but he didn't push.

Woke up this morning up a pound. Not as bad as it could be, but still awful. I didn't exercise because I feeling shitty but I didn't eat much. I am planning on throwing away the rest of the freakin delicious strawberry crumb bars because they are the only thing I can't resist.

Tomorrow I am going to wake up with a fresh start. I hated myself all day today because of my weekend but I have to make the conscious decision to be happy. I can get back on track. the 120s are calling me and I can't wait!

Stay Strong and Skinny,

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  1. oh it'll be okay. bad days happen but at least you didn't gain! you'll get through it and be lighter than ever!