Saturday, February 5, 2011

SGD Day 5

SGD Day 5 Intake, 2/4/11:
coffee with skim milk- 10 cal
banana- free!
string cheese- 50 cal
orange- free!
special k sour cream and onion chips- 50 cal
carrots- free!
apple- free!
half a small cup of chicken soup at diner- 100 cal
grilled chicken salad at a diner- about 400?
bite of my sister's stromboli- maybe 40 cal?
bite of my sister's strawberry crumb bar- maybe 30 cal?
Total: 680 (I think...)

Exercise: ran - burned 360 calories

Total for Day 5: 320
130 under limit :)

The problem with today was eating out and having bites of my sister's food. There is no way to accurately figure out how many calories I had. It is driving me crazy because I had so much control over knowing the exact numbers ever other day this week. I feel good about my guesses though and I did run this afternoon...

Bear opened another new account today (yay!) so he wanted to go out to our favorite diner for a mini celebration. He noticed today that my clothes looked big. I don't know if his mom said something to him about it or if he noticed it on his own. I think we are ok though because I just explained to him that I am running again and getting in shape and that I am not doing anything drastic. He seemed ok with my explanation. I keep rationalizing to myself that I wasn't lying to him. It is true that I am getting back in shape, and this diet is a lot less extreme than other things I have done so I am not being a bad gf, am I?

I ate a decent amount of my salad at dinner and I could tell that made him happy. He is so amazing, I wish he didn't worry about me so much.

I work 9-3 tomorrow so just dinner with fam or Bear. I am definitely hoping to get another run in too. I pushed myself harder today than I have in a while and it felt great. :)

Don't you wish you felt as free as this girl does?

Stay strong and skinny,
love love love,

p.s. I am glad I am not the only harry potter lover out there ;)

p.p.s. Sometimes, when I am in a good weight loss flow, I get so scared to weigh myself. I am having trouble sleeping tonight because I am scared what the scale will say in the morning. I know I can't do anything about it at this point, but I am still really nervous. The nighttime turns me into such a scardy cat.

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