Friday, February 4, 2011

so cold jack

When we were in college, A and I used to quote this line from Titanic. When Rose and Jack are in the water freezing to death, Rose says to Jack in this pathetic voice "I'm so cold Jack." I think it was on cable once and we just found it hysterical. After that anytime we were really cold on our way to the bar or anywhere we would say "so cold jack" in a pathetic voice. It has been years and to this day I still say it to myself, or to random other people (who look at me like I am nuts because they have no idea what I am talking about). Today was a "so cold jack" day. :)

SGD Day 4 Intake, 2/3/11:
coffee with skim milk- 10 cal
string cheese- 50 cal
orange- free!
special k sour cream and onion chips- 50 cal
carrots- free!
lean cuisine spinach and mushroom pizza- 300 cal
small piece of pumpkin bread- 60 cal
coffee with skim milk- 10 cal
Total: 480 cal

20 under. Not going to lie, today was a hard day. Still feel good though. Bear's mom noticed that I have been losing. It is really hard to hide that my work clothes are big. My mom threw away all my clothes that were small sizes, probably so she could see if I was losing again. I need to buy new clothes but I am super broke. I was happy that my weight loss is noticeable, but her comment did make me nervous.

Confession: I am really nervous about the weekend. It has been such a good loss week. I have been pretty happy. But I have also been alone for most of the day. Sunday Bear's parents are having a Super Bowl party and I am going and so are my parents. There will be no way to avoid all the gross food. I have to make myself go for a super long run every day this weekend...

Cheering for Green Bay in the Superbowl :)

Stay Strong and Skinny,

P.S. Am I the only one who feels like they will never be warm again?
I think my toes have permanent frostbite.

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  1. i love that scene! where her lips are all blue and it's just so crazy and you're like should I cry or laugh?

    and wtf! special k makes chips?! What won't this company do for their diet line!